Promotion in social networks, SMM, Тargeting

Promotion in social networks, SMM, as well as targeting Promotion of VK, Facebook pages, Instagram profiles, and traffic from social media to the site.

SMM OR SOCIAL MEDIA PROMOTION – a collection of activities in social media intended at expanding the popularity of a brand, product, or service, ensuring audience loyalty, and increasing business KPIs. Vararak offers advertising campaigns on social media platforms such as VK, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, and YouTube, and others. Would you like to market your company on social media more quickly and effectively? Fill out an online application as soon as possible to order SMM!

SMM is a full-fledged advertising channel that allows you to solve the following business problems:

  • Creating a permanent channel of communication with the target audience
  • Increasing brand reach and brand awareness in the region
  • Growth of targeted traffic to a promoted website or landing page
  • Forming a loyal audience and increasing product loyalty
  • Promoting sales from the site, offline sales and creating a store directly on social networks
  • Creating your own network of brand advocates

How does promotion on social networks work?

In order for an advertising campaign on social networks to produce results, you need to perform a large amount of both one-time tasks for setting up the campaign and regular ones. These include.

  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Strategy and content plan development
  • Determination of KPI (indicators for evaluating SMM promotion)
  • Segmentation of the target audience
  • Launch of advertising activities and campaigns
  • Attracting user attention
  • Work with subscribers