We create user friendly solutions to very complex problems. Our clients typically include our work as part of their core product offerings. Our teams are responsible for the development of major commercial software products, mobile apps and web applications. We deliver reliable applications in short time using our constantly “evolving milestone” process. It enables you to achieve optimal results even when you do not have specifications or your specifications are vague or subject to changes.

A programming language is a formal language designed for writing computer programs. A programming language defines a set of lexical, syntactic and semantic rules that define the appearance of a program and the actions that the performer will perform under its control.

Since the creation of the first programmable machines, humanity has invented more than eight thousand programming languages. Every year their number increases. Some languages can only be used by a small number of their own developers, while others become known to millions of people. Professional programmers can speak several programming languages.

As we have already mentioned, a programming language is intended for writing computer programs, which are a set of rules that allow a computer to perform a certain calculation process, organize the management of various objects. A programming language is different from natural languages, as it is designed to control computers, while natural languages are mainly used for communication between people.