Facebook ads are one of the most popular advertising options for online marketing. In the platform which has 2 billion users–and with every update, like or comment the information is being shared–it’s very easy to make some big mistakes, without even realizing. Today we’ll share the most common mistakes from which you need to avoid.
1.Your product is no different from the rest.
You have to ask yourself why people should buy your product. If it’s a popular thing, then it’s most likely to have duplicates that are cheaper, so make sure your product stands out. Make sure it has something to make people desire it and consider it as the best one in the field.
2.You’re choosing the wrong objective.
You’ll be surprised how this simple step can make a lot of difference in your ad. You may be missing out on additional elements that would benefit your campaign if you choose the wrong objective, thus, we suggest you do your little research before choosing it.
3.Your website isn’t memorable.
There are millions of websites now, and not all of them are memorable and engaging. Make certain that when the customer visits your website, instead of being bored, he will remember it, and will be more interested in your product.
4.You’re not reaching the right audience.
Let’s imagine you’re a football player. All you care about is a good place to watch it, good snacks and a good T-shirt to wear. Why would you care about some makeup product ad in your feed? The same happens with your audience when you choose the wrong ones. Again, do your research, to choose THE RIGHT ONES.
5.Your ad is too boring.
People see hundreds of ads these days and they’re already tired of it. BUT, when they see something creative and extraordinary, they forget about the other ninety-nine, and click immediately. If your ad contains just stock photos, which aren’t even yours, it’s most likely they’ve already seen it. If your ad has nothing, but selling text, it doesn’t matter how good it is: it’ll fail. Make sure you have exciting visualization, because people ignore everything they can’t picture.

That’s all for today. Have you made any of these mistakes? Was this helpful? Let us know!

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